Darkest Radio Episode 66 with Emilie Autumn!

Darkest Radio this week is one to DIE for! We will be welcoming none other then EMILIE AUTUMN to the Mansion! We will spinning many maladies from and dissecting this TERROR-ific, multifaceted artist for your DIS-pleasure! Darkest Jack will get all the gory details on her tour, new album, and her roll in the new Terrance Zdunich/Darren Lynn Bousman (REPO!The Genetic Opera) film, The Devil’s Carnival!! So stop pontificating and listen already!

Of-corpse will we also be playing all of that Dark Alternative music you know along with your last requests. Music from bands like: E Nomine, Suspiria, Skinny Puppy, Mankind Is Obsolete, The Smiths, The Birthday Party, Steam Powered Giraffe, Experiment Perilous, Spider Lilies, and MANY more!!

Tomb in LIVE every Sunday from 9-11pm PST (12-2am EST) only on:


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3 Responses to Darkest Radio Episode 66 with Emilie Autumn!

  1. Sicvicious says:

    Love it. Emilie Autumn fucking rocks.

  2. I think Emilie Autumn has a new fan, in me, because of this interview.

  3. Undeadking says:

    I seen her two times in Vip concert : )

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